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My love and passion for the Mediterranean lifestyle, gorgeous little fishing villages, sandy beaches, hill towns covered in lemon trees overlooking the blue Mediterranean sea has left me obsessed with this region. There is something special about this part of the world; perhaps it could be the complete balance between landscapes, culture, people, weather, food, fashion, architecture, and everyday lifestyle that attracted me to the Mediterranean region.

After numerous travels to Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey, and south of France, I was convinced that I wanted to live in this part of the world so I moved to the beautiful city of Rome to live the Mediterranean lifestyle. Ever since I moved to Rome I have been taking advantage of short distances to visit the Mediterranean islands, cities and small villages. I started a journal for myself with the names of towns and cities and I gathered up business cards and made notes of my favourite beaches, hotels, restaurants, and boutiques. I try to avoid big chain hotels and I am always hunting for small boutique hotels, family run-businesses, stylish local apartments and the same goes for restaurants, bars, and shopping!

Obviously during these years, my friends and even friends of friends would contact me for suggestions and recommendations, which would soon lead me in planning the whole itinerary for their vacation at the Mediterranean. You see where I am going with this… I had become a private directory of beach towns, hotels, boutiques, and restaurants. After all, it’s no fun until you share your experiences with your friends and family.

I finally decided to create this blog so I can help those that are planning a trip to the Mediterranean and those that are interested in finding great restaurants, boutique hotels or niche Mediterranean fashion brands; or those that just want to get inspired by the Mediterranean culture and lifestyle. Also, I hope that through this blog, I will meet other Mediterranean lovers that wish to share their experiences or their favourite Mediterranean cities/hotels or brands!  Furthermore, as a Brand consultant in Fashion, Design and Hotel industry (http://www.amerai.com), I take pleasure in finding inspirational brands especially with Mediterranean identity.  I love hunting for places, boutique hotels, restaurants and fashion brands with strong identity and hopefully through this journey I will be able to introduce few of my favourite places.