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St Paul de Vence

One of my favourite coastal drives in Mediterranean is at the Cote d’Azur where I usually visit in the busy summer season. However, this time I travelled there in the month of October which turned out to be a wonderful time to avoid large crowds and easily cruse around the seaside roads, visit the charming villages, and browse at the markets. One of my all time favourite towns in this zone is St. Paul de Vence that is 30 min drive from Nice Airport which makes it a perfect weekend getaway destination. This Medieval village is located on a hill overlooking the sea with a magnificent view of traditional French villas and vineyards.

St Paul de Vence
St Paul de Vence

As you enter the cobbled Medieval Castel you find yourself charmed by the picturesque narrow roads, little boutiques and art galleries. St Paul de Vence is well known for artists who have lived there, such as Jacques Raverat, Marc Chagall, Picasso and more recently French actor Yves Montand and Roger Moore.  This medieval town offers a beautiful mix of landscape, architecture, art and food, which makes it the perfect French holiday destination.

What To Do 

Wonder through the village, take Rue Grande that crosses the village from North to South that will give you a great feel of the place. The architecture and the beautiful small squares indicate how prosperous the village was during Medieval age.

St Paul de vence
St Paul de vence

st paul de vence

If you’re an Art lover you will defiantly enjoy the art galleries in St Paul that showcase the most prestigious artists. St Paul is famous for their modern and contemporary art. Check out: Galerie Gantois and Maeght Foundation.


Walk your way down to the southern tip over the beautiful Porte de Nice gate where you can enjoy the fabulous view towards Nice and the Coastline. You also view the cemetery where Marc Chagall died in St Paul in 1985.

After you visited the main Rue Grande, it’s time to get lost in the narrow cobbled roads to better capture the simplicity and the charm of this city.

Town square on Rue Grand in Saint-Paul-de-Vence. Saint-Paul or Saint-Paul-de-Vence is a commune in the Alpes-Maritimes department in southeastern France. One of the oldest medieval towns on the French Riviera, it is well known for its modern and contemporary art museums and galleries such as Fondation Maeght which is located nearby. It was probably between the 10th and 12th century that a settlement formed around the ancient church of Saint Michel du Puy to the south, and near the castle on the highest part of the hill. In the Middle Ages, the region was administered by the Counts of Provence. In the 13th century, Count Charles II granted more privileges to St. Paul, including the right to hold a weekly market. At the beginning of 14th century, St. Paul acquired more autonomy and became a prosperous city of merchants and nobility. In 1388, the County of Nice broke off from Provence to reattach itself with the states belonging to the Count of Savoy. These new circumstances gave St. Paul a strategic position: the city becomes a border stronghold for five centuries. St. Paul went through its first fortification campaign in the second half of 14th century: the north gate of the city, called "Porte de Vence," dates back to the medieval wall. At the time of the wars of Italy, Provence was invaded twice by the troops of Charles V. Considering the low side of the border of Provence and the obsolescence of the medieval fortifications in Saint-Paul, Fran�ois 1st decided in 1538 to build the new city walls, able to withstand the power of the artillery. This fortified wall, built between 1543 and 1547, is preserved in its entirety. On its northern and southern fronts four solid bastions protect both the city gates. In the 17th century, Saint-Paul experienced a religious period through the influence of Antoine Godeau, Bishop of Vence. The church was elevated to college, and was expanded and embellished. St. Paul also saw an urban revival thanks to the families of nobility, wh

Where to Eat

Le Caruso is a charming little restaurant in the center of St. Paul that offers fantastic local French cuisine. I highly recommend this place if you love Mediterranean food with great value for money. www.lecarusodesaintpaul.fr

Where to Shop

Provence is famous world wide for their herbs, fragrances and creams and I think they make the perfect souvenir gifts.

Check out Godet Boutique for their all time legendary fragrances. With over 100 years of craftsmanship this family business has been selling perfumes for a century. The boutique seems like a museum and the smell almost mesmerizes you. They have a great selection of perfumes in beautiful design bottles. http://parfumsgodet.com/fr/
Godet Boutique

Visit L’Herbier en Provence for herbs, teas and local spices. http://www.lherbierenprovence.com/en

St Paul de Vence

Where to Sleep

Toile Blanche is a lovely boutique hotel run by Leroy family that make you feel at home. This beautiful French country style villa is only 1km from St Paul de Vence. The hotel offers great dinning that I highly recommend. The rooms are large and tastefully decorated with all the modern comforts. http://www.toileblanche.com/