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I am biased when it comes to traveling to Italy, I adore Italy and I extended my vacation to actually living here; but honestly I just think that you can’t go wrong for a holiday in Italy. I start my first blog post with Capri in Amalfi Coast because I have a love affair with this specific coast and I go back every year. There is something so special about this part of the Mediterranean, I don’t know if its the absolute gorgeous scenery, the landscape, the architecture, the blue sea, the simple but yet so delicious food, the people, the air you breath…. basically I can’t get enough of Amalfi Coast. I will dedicate another post just to Positano, Ravello and Amalfi but first I like to start with Island of Capri as it’s one of my favourite destinations; it’s probably the most romantic and dreamy place I have ever been; hence I had my wedding there!

Marina Grande, Porot, Capri, Italy
Marina Grande, Porto, Capri, Italy

They say Capri is the ‘island of dreams’, and for centuries poets, artists and writers would come here to get inspired. I think anybody can get creative here when they see the beautiful landscape of Capri. The big rock in the middle of the Mediterranean sea, the lemon gardens overlooking the turquoise blue sea, the famous cliffs of Faraglioni and the picturesque town. It’s truly a small heaven on earth, you just need to taste their food and you will be convinced!

I believe at least once in your life you should visit the island of Capri, it’s really an amazing experience. It’s no wonder that this island was the holiday island of Emperor Augustus. Capri might be famous among rich but honestly has so much to offer for any type of traveller. For a luxury traveller or a backpacker, each can enjoy this beautiful island. The Island of Capri is divided into two towns: Capri and Anacapri. Capri is the main town with popular restaurants/bars, chic fashion boutiques, luxury hotels, and many great attractions. Anacapri is the smaller town; it’s more artistic and rustic style. Anacapri also offers great attractions that I will mention more below. If you want to save money on hotel and restaurants, you might want to check for Hotels or B&B in Anacapri. Anyhow it’s easy to reach both towns by bus or taxi (10-15min drive). Like many other popular destinations Capri can be very tourist during the day especially because there are many day travellers but during the afternoon and at night; it’s a different vibe. You see the Italians having an Aperetivo at the Piazzetta and no more big crowds. I suggest going to the beach or taking a boat tour during the hot summer days and visiting the sites and shops in the late afternoon or at night.

Faraglioni cliffs panorama,and the majestic Tyrrhenian sea,Capri island,Italy,Europe
Faraglioni cliffs panorama,and the majestic Tyrrhenian sea,Capri island,Italy,Europe


  • Romantic Island
  • Tourist island due to it’s charm
  • Beautiful turquoise sea
  • Breath-taking hills covered in lemon trees
  • Tasty Italian cuisine
  • Nature and gorgeous scenery
  • History and Roman sights
  • Fantastic Shopping: you can find popular high-end fashion brands with exclusive selection just for Capri
  • Artesian shops: from clothing to ceramics.
Capri Touch, Anacapri
Capri Touch, Anacapri
  • Exclusive hotels to charming B&B’s
  • Capri has great trasnporation system from bus, taxi and funicular
  • The locals “Caprese people” are very friendly and they all speak a little English
  • Caprese Salad (Mozzarella with tomatoes) was born here
  • Best Limoncello! 


  • Long sandy Beach! Capri is a big rock so doesn’t expect sandy long beaches. Instead you will find small bays and cliffs with private beach clubs that leads out to the clear blue water.
  • You can’t drive to Capri. If your renting a car in Amalfi Coast, you need to park your car in Napoli or Sorrento in order to reach Capri. They don’t allow cars and you see why when you get there!
  • Consider that Capri is pretty much closed from mid October to mid March.
  • August is a very busy month and everything is full so you need to book ahead or just avoid this month if you don’t like crowded places.


  • A boat tour around the island is a must, where you can see the famous cliffs of “Faraglioni” and the “Blue Grotto”; magical cave in Anacapri that reflects this beautiful turquoise blue coloration.
capri faraglioni
Capri Faraglioni
  • A drink at Piazzetta di Capri. The famous square of Capri, where you can enjoy people watching. Don’t be surprised if you see famous celebrities!
  • A walk down the Via Camerelle and Via Le Botteghe , passing through the luxury fashion boutiques, at Via Tragara you’ll find yourself walking down a silent lane with beautiful scenery of blue sea, lemon trees and bougainvillea trees.
  • A visit at the villa San Michele in Anacapri.
  • A walk in the centre of Anacapri, it’s a pleasure to wander the lanes lined by artisan workshops, the tiny square and churches of Anacapri (Church of San Michele, church of Santa Sofia).
  • Watch the sunset with Aperetivo and great music at the Maliblu bar in Anacapri.
  • A charming walk to the beautiful Belvedere Cannone
  • Want to go higher for more view? Monte Solaro is the highest and most panoramic point of the island that can be reached by chairlift from Anacapri.


  • One my favourite places to stay in Anacapri is Caprisuite. It’s a real ‘Caprese house’ with only two suites; it truly feels like home. It has been renovated and designed by a famous architect and has been published on every Design magazine. The breakfast and all the services are tailored to your needs. The location is in the centre of Anacapri village so it’s very quiet and relaxing! http://www.caprisuite.it/home.htm
CapriSuite Blue Room, Anacapri
CapriSuite Blue Room, Anacapri
Caprisuite, Anacapri, Lemoni
Caprisuite, Anacapri, Lemoni

Capri Suite

  • Capri Palace in Anacapri is a great five star hotel for those travellers that like staying in resorts with all the commodities (swimming pool, Spa, Beach club, Michelin-star restaurant, Boutique and more).
  • If you don’t have a budget, JK Capri is the most stylish luxury boutique hotel in Capri and is famous for their exceptional service and beautiful designed hotel. 
  • Hotel della Piccola Marina is a charming three star hotel in Capri that has been completely renovated with style, just 5 min walk to Piazzetta and great service. We always loved our stay here and the staffs are very friendly.
  • Villa Silia in Capri is a great B&B just 5 min from the Piazzetta. The rooms are big and tastefully decorated, each with a private terrace. The building offers a great panoramic rooftop terrace. We had a great stay here and it was definitely a great place for value for money.


  • Da Paolino Restaurant in Capri is an experience, your sitting under the lemon trees and enjoying the famous ‘Lemon Linguine’. It’s definitely worth the experience.http://www.panoramacapri.com/
Da Paolino, Capri
Da Paolino Restaurant, Capri
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Da Paolino Restaurant, Capri


  • Il Riccio is a one Michelin star restaurant/Beach club in Anacapri. One of my favourite restaurant in Amalfi Coast; hence I had my wedding here! They are famous for their excellent Mediterranean cuisine and their charming, elegant, simple yet sophisticated design over looking the sea. Make sure you check out the “Temptation Room” and you leave space for the dessert!

Il Riccio Beach Club

Il Riccio Beach Club, Anacapri

Il Riccio Beach Club, Anacapri

  • Verginiello in Capri is a great restaurant with fantastic Pizza and local dishes. This is not a fancy restaurant and all the locals come here for the food.
  • Terraza Brunella on via Tragara Capri is a lovely restaurant for a romantic dinner. The beautiful panorama and the soft music in the background with fantastic dishes makes it a memorable evening.
  • Ristorante Panorama in Capri has an excellent view overlooking the sea with great local dishes and fantastic Pizza. I highly suggest having Pizza at some point in Capri, don’t forget Pizza was invented in Napoli right across Capri!
  • Buonocore Gelateria in Capri is excellent. I think it’s one of my favourite Gelateria in Italy! Words cannot describe their Gelato so just go and try it.


  • Lido del Faro beach club in Anacapri. The perfect beach club to dive in the crystal blue water with a nice restaurant for lunch at the seaside.
  • Fontalina Beach Club, it’s the most exclusive beach club due to its position; in front of the famous rock of Faraglioni. You need to book ahead and you can reach by shuttle boat from Piccola Marina or by walk from Via Tragara. http://www.fontelina-capri.com/en/index
Fontallina Beach club, Capri
  • Marina Piccola in Capri, has a small rocky beach. If you want to be comfortable go to Da Gioia restaurant for beach beds and access to the sea, plus the food is absolutely amazing. http://www.dagioiacapri.com/en/index.html


  • 100% Capri –Famous for their linen and beautiful men/women collection.


  • ORO Capri by Farella on via Le Botteghe 54 Capri. One of my favourite boutiques. They have some really cute accessories and dresses all made in Capri.
  • Cathaleia on Piazzetta di Capri . They have lots of fun accessories and swimwear niche Italian brands.
  • Sud Capri Gallery offers great selection of Italian niche brands. Located on Via Le Botteghe 4 and Via Camerelle 61 Capri.
  • Faraone Mannella  exclusive Italian jewellery brand on via Fuorlovado Capri.
Faraone Mannella
Faraone Mannella
Cabana Capri
Cabana Boutique Capri