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  • Lemoni

I am sure you have already seen so many photos of Mykonos all around. The picturesque whitewashed buildings with blue doors, charming narrow lanes, and beautiful golden sandy beaches make each photo perfect souvenir to take with you from your holiday at Mykonos.

The very first time I visited Mykonos was in 2007 where everything was a surprise. I was backpacking with my friend in the Mediterranean and somehow we arrived to this small charming island that was a holidays island among Greeks with affordable setting.

Mykonos, Old Town, Greece
Mykonos, Old Town, Greece


I fell in love the very fist time and so I went back again in 2008 for few days on the way to Santorini. Few weeks ago my best friend celebrated her 30th Birthday in Mykonos so I was extremely excited to go back to this charming island! Mykonos is a perfect ‘Party Destination’ in the Mediterranean for a group of friends especially if you want to have a perfect mix between party and the beach holiday!

I believe few years ago the only way you could have reached Mykonos was with ferry from Athens but now Mykonos is one of the most famous Greek island destinations and thanks to commercial flights; you can now directly fly from major European cities to Mykonos. Consider that now this island is very popular among jet-setters and has become a pretty expensive island and so most of the popular places have a slightly higher price tag. If you want to plan a fun and relaxing summer vacation I think Mykonos offers the great balance between party town and a relaxed beach holiday. It’s also a great place for island hopping among the Greek Islands (Santorini, Paros, Koufonisia, Naxos, Zakyntho,…) . The vibe of Mykonos is cool, relaxed and very Mediterranean so just pack light!


  • Charming Greek village covered in white building, narrow lanes, and the famous turquoise blue door/windows
  • Beautiful sandy beaches all over the island
  • Stylish Beach clubs/Restaurants
  • ‘Gay Friendly” Island
  • Lots of great restaurants serving Greek and Mediterranean cuisine
  • Fabulous parties and clubs. The centre of Mykonos becomes like an outdoor bar/club during high season
  • Lots of great places to stay from apartments, villas, five star hotels, guesthouses, boutique hotels and etc
  • Amazing cute shops and boutiques
  • Most of the locals speak English
  • You can go around the island with a scooter


  • Don’t except cheap thinking you are in Greece. The country might be in an economic crisis but Mykonos is booming. It’s pretty pricy island due to the premium-high end travellers
  • Don’t expect peace and calm if your staying in the central part of Mykonos.
  • During high season you need to book ahead for popular beach clubs/restaurants and sun-beds
Mykonos, Greece. Streets
Mykonos, Greece. Streets


  • You want to spend your day at the beach, relaxing, swimming and meditating in the sun.
  • In the afternoon when the sun is not high, you definitely want to visit the centre of Mykonos and walk around. This is the perfect time to take out your camera and go crazy! Don’t be afraid to get lost in the back lanes because you get to see the simpler part of Mykonos that I think makes the experience more complete.
  • Visit the Artisan shops and boutiques, many run by locals. Try to avoid foreign or commercial brands so you can support the local designers and Greek brands.
Little Venice, Mykonos, Greece, Sunset
Little Venice, Mykonos, Greece, Sunset
  • Visit the little Venice, super cute!
  • Don’t miss the sunset. Go to Scorpio Beach Club to watch the sunset followed by great music that becomes into a dance party after 10pm.
  • From 11pm, the centre becomes an open bar/club. Super fun to join the parties and enjoy the music.
  • The clubs are open till 4am if you want to party all night, just follow the music!
Sunset, Mykonos
Sunset, Mykonos


  • Scorpio is the latest and the coolest beach club in Mykonos. The beach here is rocky but it’s definitely a hip beach club. I love the branding of Scorpio; their philosophy, value, design and service. They offer Beach/Restaurant/Bar/Boutique and super friendly staff. It’s definitely one of my favourite beach clubs on the island: http://www.scorpiosmykonos.com/
Scorpio, Mykonos setting, Greece
Scorpio, Mykonos setting, Greece
Scorpio Mykonos, Greece
Scorpio Mykonos, Greece
  • Nammos is located on the famous Psarou beach with beautiful clear water. This is a super stylish beach club targeted for jet-setters and probably the most famous beach restaurant/club in Mykonos. http://www.nammos.gr/
Nammos, Mykonos, beach-club
Nammos, Mykonos, beach-club, Greece
Nammos Boutique, Mykonos Greece
Nammos Boutique, Mykonos Greece
  • Solymarbeach is a great beach restaurant with beautiful sandy beach to relax and enjoy a fabulous lunch at their restaurant: http://www.solymarmykonos.com/
  • On my list for the next trip, Jackie ‘O Beach looks great: http://jackieobeach.com/


Kalafatis Villa, Mykonos Greece
Kalafatis Villa, Mykonos Greece


  • Solymar Restaurant definitely my favourite restaurant in Mykonos. The simple Mediterranean cuisine couldn’t get more delicious: http://www.solymarmykonos.com/
Solymar Beach/Restaurant Mykonos
Solymar Beach/Restaurant Mykonos


  • Check out Ckontova boutique for summer accessories and clothing; every piece is adorable. http://www.ckontova.com/en
  • KAMARA (Locatedon Matogiannia 24 Mykonos) lovely jewellery store, all handmade and designed by locals.
  • You will love the “Eye bag” Hand made by Christina Malle
  • Iliana Bassiana, Greek fashion designer for resort wear and accessories. http://www.ilianabassiana.com/
  • Maurizio Women’s wear http://www.maurizio.gr/
  • Nikos Koulis Greek jewellery brand with strong craftsmanship behind every piece, transferring classical design to contemporary angle.  http://nikoskoulis.gr/boutique/mykonos/
nikos_koulis_mykonos Boutique
Nikos Koulis Mykonos Boutique