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Toto Artwear Swimwear

You can never have enough swimwear and bikini’s during the summer time in the Mediterranean! There are all kinds of brands with various styles and shapes out there but recently I came across this inspirational Mediterranean swimwear Brand called Toto Artwear from Ibiza. What is fascinating by this brand is that each piece is hand painted on a Lyrca fabric. Yes, your literally wearing an art piece at the beach!

Toto Artwear

Toto Artwear Painting


I found this brand extremely creative, as each swimwear is hand painted with a different colour and has its own story which makes each piece unique, exclusive and personalized! The brand uses great premium Lycra fabric, so it’s soft and has a great fit once you put the bathing suit on. Also the seamless design and fast dry fabric makes the swimwear super comfortable and easy to wear all day at the beach!

Toto Artwear Swimwear